What is NewsSportsHeadlines?

NewsSportsHeadlines is featuring the Latest News Headlines from over a 100 Publishers from North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. We gather the latest News for you every second of the day. Just click through to read the full story.

How do we do it?

With live news feeds from all points on the Globe. Each time you click one of our pages, we pull the top Headlines and most current stories provided by over a 100 publishers. Categories from Breaking News to Green Technology. We get your News faster!

Why NewsSportsHeadlines?

We found that people tend to go to one source for your news and with this we get one editor”s influence. By gathering News from the best sources worldwide, we can get a unique perspective on stories from many different viewpoints. Hopefully you get a better fair and balanced view. It is also interesting to see what makes the headlines in other countries, sometimes foreign papers break US based stories before our own newspapers. The ultimate Free Press.

There are more than just news stories, check the left and right margins. We have Stock Quotes, Daily Dilbert, Movie Quotes, Motivation Quotes, Fun Facts, Poll Questions and navigational links to our publishers. Visit us every day, several times a day. There is fresh content added with each click.

Choice of 20 Topics!

Today we are covering 20 different topics from Breaking thru Green News to a new Opinion / Editorial Section. We also have dedicated Sports pages for all your favorite sports and teams to follow. Each section has a diverse collection of Publishers to cover the topics and provide a broad range of coverage and insight.

NewsSportsHeadlines pages

How do we choose the Publishers?

Publishers are chosen for their content value, quality, diversity, location around the Globe, and ad-free content stream. Anyone can go online and get news, but we are searching for the News that you might not get typically. We want to provide you with stories written from a different and unique perspective.

We have reviewed close to a 1,500 publishers, to have selected the ones we are currently featuring. We are always looking for quality Publishers and gladly take suggestions. The Publisher will be evaluated and determined if we can include them in our next version. You can reach us at editor@newssportsheadlines.com

Sharing Us is Even Better!

By clicking the Sharing Us Facebook link, you are telling your friends about us and hopefully they will frequently our pages.

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How can I subscribe to NewsSportsHeadlines?

Referring to an RSS feed from NewsSportsHeadlines.com, that is coming in the future releases. Today we are set up to be Bookmarked and viewed at your convenience, hopefully a few times a day.

Since our pages are built dynamically on the server as each page is requested, an RSS feed is a little more difficult. We build your pages on-the-fly to ensure we have the latest news from the publishers. There is no old headlines here, only the latest updates from each publisher.

Missing News Feeds

Time to time there might be an error message from a particular publisher when we tried to pull the latest news.


Feed currently not available

No problem, just refresh the page and the news feed should correct itself. This just means in the micro second the page was being dynamically built and reaching out to the publisher for the latest news, there was a timing error. We are working on ways to improve this retrieval all the time.

If this error is persistent, there might be a feed problem and we are looking into for you.

Why are there Ads?

Ads create revenue to support the ongoing work and development. We might not always believe in the viewpoint being presented in the ads. But being Free Speech advocates, we decided not to filter out anything but adult theme ads.

Also, ads are targeted to each page”s theme. On the Tech/Science page you will see ads relating to technology and this follows each page”s theme. Hopefully you will find this useful and visit some of our advertisers, it helps pay the bills.

Contact Us!

We would love to received Feedback and Suggestions. You can reach us at info@newssportsheadlines.com

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