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Stem cell scandal scientist resigns

A Japanese stem cell scientist at the heart of a scandal over false claims and fabricated research has resigned.

Posted on 19 December 2014 @ 12:27 pm

3D printer makes tool in space

Astronauts on the International Space Station use a 3-D printer to make a wrench, from instructions sent up in an email.

Posted on 19 December 2014 @ 10:56 am

7ft marine reptile fossil beach find

An amateur fossil hunter has unearthed a 7ft skeleton of a carnivorous marine reptile on a beach in south Wales.

Posted on 19 December 2014 @ 9:27 am

Birds ‘fled day before US tornadoes’

Tracking data reveals that golden-winged warblers fled one day before the April 2014 US tornado outbreak, probably because they “heard it coming”.

Posted on 19 December 2014 @ 2:21 am

In pictures: Bangladesh oil spill clean-up

How local residents cope with Bangladesh oil spill

Posted on 19 December 2014 @ 1:51 am

New record for deepest fish

Fish are filmed more than 8,000m down in the Mariana Trench – the deepest place on Earth.

Posted on 19 December 2014 @ 1:01 am

VIDEO: New record depth for deepest fish

Fish have been filmed more than 8km down in the Mariana Trench – the deepest place on Earth.

Posted on 19 December 2014 @ 12:59 am

Science News - United States

Ancient Egyptian blue glass beads reached Scandinavia

Chemical analysis of Danish discoveries extends northern reach of Bronze Age trade.

Posted on 19 December 2014 @ 1:30 pm

Lucky break documents warbler tornado warning

Warblers fitted with data collecting devices for other reasons reveal early and extreme measures when dodging April’s tornado outbreak.

Posted on 18 December 2014 @ 9:03 pm

South Napa earthquake revived bone-dry streams

The South Napa earthquake freed groundwater trapped in nearby hills, revitalizing previously dry streams.

Posted on 18 December 2014 @ 7:59 pm

Crows may be able to make analogies

Crows with little training pass a lab test for analogical reasoning that requires matching similar or different icons.

Posted on 18 December 2014 @ 7:42 pm

Nylon goes green

A new simple chemical reaction makes manufacturing nylon less harmful to the planet.

Posted on 18 December 2014 @ 7:00 pm

Air pollution linked to autism

Air pollution may double a pregnant woman’s risk of having a child with autism, a new study suggests.

Posted on 18 December 2014 @ 4:00 pm

Rosetta may have spotted comet’s primordial ingredients

Photos taken by the Rosetta spacecraft may show pristine material that formed the solar system’s comets, asteroids and planets roughly 4.6 billion years ago.

Posted on 18 December 2014 @ 2:47 pm

CNet - United States

Mom tries to Facebook-shame daughter, gets pizza on face

A mother makes her daughter pose for a picture to prove that it will travel far and wide on the Web. She ends up getting prank calls, pizza deliveries, and a lesson for herself.

Posted on 22 March 2014 @ 10:36 pm

NSA’s reported Huawei hack gives glimpse of agency’s role in ‘cyber Cold War’

The latest report based on leaks by Edward Snowden has it that the NSA hacked into the servers of a Chinese router company that had itself been accused by the US of potentially aiding government espionage.

Posted on 22 March 2014 @ 8:38 pm

Twitter battle in Turkey heats up, spreads to YouTube — reports

The fight over a Twitter ban in the country intensifies, as the government reportedly blocks a workaround, the White House weighs in, and Google refuses to yank YouTube vids critical of the prime minister.

Posted on 22 March 2014 @ 5:53 pm

Apple rumor claims all-new, 12-inch MacBook Air

The MacBook is getting a makeover sooner rather than later — if chatter from China is accurate.

Posted on 22 March 2014 @ 4:02 pm

Automating your 2048 game

2048 may be deceptively difficult in its later stages, but the early
portion of the game can be played mindlessly by mashing the left and up
arrow keys and building into a corner.

Posted on 22 March 2014 @ 11:00 am

2048 starts easy; gets hard. Here’s how to make it easy again

The Threes-like puzzle game sucks you in by making it seem easy to hit the magic number. Turns out, though, that it actually is easy — if you understand the game’s logic.

Posted on 22 March 2014 @ 11:00 am

Samsung shows business customers how to be high tech

The Korean electronics giant operates a showroom in New Jersey to demonstrate technology it has for hotels, financial firms, retailers, and other businesses.

Posted on 22 March 2014 @ 11:00 am

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