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You’re hired! Apprentice judge Karren Brady reveals her daughter ‘hoovered and worked the till’ in Saturday job like she had as a teenager

Celebrity businesswomen Karren Brady has joined the growing list of wealthy stars to declare an insistence their children must work to earn their own way through life.

Posted on 26 October 2014 @ 3:29 am

‘You’re no longer my brother’: How school love triangle drove fifteen-year-old gunman to shoot the close cousin who took his girl – in attack that left one dead and four injured

It has since emerged that Jaylen was left heartbroken over a girl who rebuffed him for the cousin he treated like a brother: Andrew Fryberg.

Posted on 26 October 2014 @ 3:16 am

Edinburgh turns into ‘mini war zone’ as riot police and helicopter hunt for man on roof in city centre close to where shooting took place earlier

More than 50 officers wearing balaclavas and shields were deployed to Cockburn Street, in the Scottish capital – near to where a shooting was earlier reported.

Posted on 26 October 2014 @ 2:16 am

Inside Anatoly Moskvin’s house where he held parties for girls he dug up from graves

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Anatoly Moskvin, 46, from Nizhny Novgorod in Russia, was arrested in 2011 after it emerged he had dug up at least 150 corpses of girls.

Posted on 26 October 2014 @ 2:14 am

10,000 young offenders may be eligible for payouts totalling millions of pounds over unlawful use of force in institutions 

It is estimated that between 1998-2008 there were roughly 4,200 cases of force being used against children being held in youth jails each year. Almost a quarter may have been illegal.

Posted on 26 October 2014 @ 1:59 am

Merkel scuppers PM’s plans for new deal with EU: German Chancellor says she will not support Cameron’s proposed migration reforms 

David Cameron’s hopes of clawing back control over Britain’s borders from the EU have suffered a knockback after Angela Merkel marked out her opposition to fundamental change.

Posted on 26 October 2014 @ 1:59 am

British hostage John Cantlie appears in another ISIS propaganda video claiming prisoners ‘read books, played games and gave lectures’ before being slaughtered

John Cantlie, 43, has appeared in a fifth ISIS video shared online just days after the death of his father who made an emotional plea to the terrorists weeks ago to have his son released.

Posted on 26 October 2014 @ 1:58 am

Indian Express - India

Islamists rally in Egypt ahead of referendum vote, 3 killed

Islamist supporters of Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood organization added a call to boycott of the referendum.

Posted on 11 January 2014 @ 10:54 am

Over 100 houses burned down in China”s ancient Tibetan town

No casualties were reported and the cause of the fire is being investigated, the report said.

Posted on 11 January 2014 @ 10:26 am

‘India dangerous weak link in n-security”

Estimated 1,400 tons uranium and almost 500 tons of plutonium stored in around the world.

Posted on 9 January 2014 @ 8:09 pm

Parvez Musharraf’s health report shows no illness: Prosecutor

Musharraf was rushed to hospital after he developed heart problems while being driven to special court.

Posted on 9 January 2014 @ 10:44 am

Huffington Post announces creation of new online publication, THEWORLDPOST

THEWORLDPOST editorial board includes noted Indian journalist Dileep Padgaonkar.

Posted on 9 January 2014 @ 10:14 am

Earth’s atmosphere suffers from ‘nuclear hangover’

According to Alvarado, the levels were not high enough to pose a risk to human health.

Posted on 8 January 2014 @ 12:28 pm

Polar freeze turns deadly, moves to US East and South after killing 21 people

The Midwest and the East experienced temperatures colder than much of Antarctica.

Posted on 8 January 2014 @ 8:09 am

BBC - Great Britain

Ukraine to vote in snap elections

Ukrainian voters will go to the polls to elect a new parliament, amid the continuing conflict with pro-Russian rebels in the east.

Posted on 26 October 2014 @ 2:55 am

VIDEO: Mass protest over Italy job reforms

A huge demonstration is held in Rome to protest against government plans to overhaul Italy’s labour market.

Posted on 25 October 2014 @ 11:45 pm

French World War One bedroom of soldier who never returned

French soldier’s bedroom untouched for 100 years

Posted on 25 October 2014 @ 11:27 pm

What’s been lurking in the Baltic Sea?

What’s been lurking beneath the waves in the Baltic Sea?

Posted on 25 October 2014 @ 11:05 pm

Russian clocks go back for last time

After experimenting with permanent summer hours, Russia is adopting permanent winter hours due to fewer hours of daylight in the north.

Posted on 25 October 2014 @ 5:36 pm

Britain must pay EU bill, says MEP

The rest of Europe expects the UK to settle a £1.7bn EU budget demand “and that’s that”, a vice president of the European Parliament has said.

Posted on 25 October 2014 @ 4:05 pm

Mass protest over Italy job reforms

A mass protest is held in the Italian capital, Rome, against Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s plans for labour market reform.

Posted on 25 October 2014 @ 2:04 pm

NPR - United States

Israel’s Solar-Powered ‘Trees’: For Smartphones And Community

The man-made trees are designed to create a public space where people can gather and re-charge a battery — their own and their smartphone’s.

Posted on 25 October 2014 @ 10:24 pm

Iran Executes Woman Who Said She Stabbed Man Who Attacked Her

Reyhaneh Jabbari’s execution had been postponed several times since 2009. She was arrested in 2007 over the death of a man who once worked in Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence.

Posted on 25 October 2014 @ 9:15 pm

Ukrainians Going To The Polls Amid Conflict And Corruption

Ukraine’s parliamentary election is Sunday and the two big issues are the war against separatists and the nation’s corruption. Arun Rath talks with Corey Flintoff about the challenges of holding an election there.

Posted on 25 October 2014 @ 9:05 pm

Producer’s Notebook: Coming Home From Monrovia To Confusion And Fear

As Liberians fight Ebola, Americans struggle with fear of the disease.

Posted on 25 October 2014 @ 9:05 pm

After Shootings, Canada Takes Steps To Balance Security With Tradition

A debate has begun in Canada about how to respond to this week’s murders of two Canadian soldiers, and the government plans to introduce new measures to strengthen the powers of the security services.

Posted on 25 October 2014 @ 9:05 pm

Iranian Entrepreneurs Make Pitches That Are Just Practice, For Now

Young Iranians are brimming with ideas for tech startups. But extensive financial sanctions facing their country prevent them from entering the global marketplace.

Posted on 25 October 2014 @ 5:58 pm

New Incan Find One-Ups Peru’s Famous 12 Angle Stone

The find was announced by Peru’s Ministry of Culture, which says the 13-angled stone was part of a water system that irrigated a strategically important area southeast of Lima.

Posted on 25 October 2014 @ 3:54 pm

The Jerusalem Post - Israel

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News Daily - United States

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Voice of America - US Government

Lebanon Clashes Claim 3

The Lebanese army says at least three of its soldiers have been killed in fierce fighting with Islamist gunmen in the northern city of Tripoli.

The Reuters news agency reports Lebanese forces Saturday used helicopters to blast rockets at the gunmen in the morning and moved in on their positions in the afternoon. The exact affiliation of the gunmen was unclear.

The army says its forces captured some of the gunmen, but others managed to escape. Authorities say large stockpiles of weapons…

Posted on 26 October 2014 @ 12:30 am

Federal Government Recognizes Gay Marriages in Six More States

Attorney General Eric Holder announced Saturday that the federal government will now recognize same sex marriages in six more states.

They are Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Married gay couples will now qualify for a number of federal benefits, including Social Security and veterans’ benefits.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court refused to hear appeals to lower court rulings legalizing gay marriages in those six states.

The federal…

Posted on 25 October 2014 @ 11:24 pm

Sudanese Bishop Urges End to Attacks on Civilians

A prominent Sudanese Catholic bishop is pressing for an immediate end to what he says are indiscriminate attacks on civilians in the Nuba and Blue Nile regions of Sudan.

Retired Bishop Marcam Gassis, speaking to reporters in Nairobi, said there has been a wave of aerial bombardments in the last two weeks targeting the people of South Kordofan. He cited eyewitness accounts of an Oct. 16 attack by government warplanes that killed seven people and wounded dozens at a busy market in Heiban,…

Posted on 25 October 2014 @ 6:42 pm

Tunisia Set for Parliamentary Elections

Tunisia on Sunday will elect the first permanent parliament since its historic 2011 revolution, an event that inspired similar popular uprisings across the Arab world. Presidential elections follow next month.

While the so-called Arab Spring has led to chaos and bloodshed in some countries, Tunisia’s fragile democracy remains a beacon of hope. But the North African country remains dogged by massive economic and security problems – issues that top the agenda for most Tunisian…

Posted on 25 October 2014 @ 4:28 pm

Talks to Resume on Winter Gas for Ukraine

Ukrainian and Russian officials will meet again next week in an effort to settle their dispute over natural gas supplies that threatens to leave Ukraine short of heating fuel for the coming winter. VOA’s Al Pessin reports from London the dispute is complex, and has both economic and geopolitical dimensions.

Posted on 25 October 2014 @ 4:21 pm

Talks to Resume on Winter Gas for Ukraine

Ukrainian and Russian officials will meet again next week in an effort to settle their dispute over natural gas supplies that threatens to leave Ukraine short of heating fuel for the coming winter.

The dispute is complex, with economic and geopolitical dimensions, and it will unfold shortly after voters go to the polls on Sunday in the first parliamentary election since the overthrow of the Moscow-backed leader Viktor Yanukovich.

It seemed there was a breakthrough at a rare meeting…

Posted on 25 October 2014 @ 4:06 pm

Mozambique Electoral Body Yet to Endorse Election Results

Mozambique’s National Electoral Commission (CNE) has yet to officially endorse provisional results of the presidential vote.  It shows governing FRELIMO party has won with about 57.2 percent and main opposition RENAMO in second place with 36 percent.  The Mozambique Democratic Movement trails in third place with about 7 percent of the vote, according to Paulo Cuinica, spokesman for the electoral body.

Interim results

Cuinica said the provisional results could change since the…

Posted on 25 October 2014 @ 3:51 pm

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